Considerate Constructor Scheme

GRAHAM Construction, the contractors who are building the new station, has recently undergone an audit to assess how well they are performing against set criteria that measures the impact of their activity. The scheme measures the contractor against appearance, respect in the community, protecting the environment, securing everyone’s safety and valuing their workforce. In all categories, GRAHAM scored a rating of either ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

  • Among the comments received were the following:Appearance (Very good): The site was said by the report to give ‘a very good first impression’ with a security cabin and barrier. The yard was said to be ‘very clean and tidy and there is a ‘very tidy and organised storage compound.’
  • Respecting the community (Good): Initial and follow up letters to residents sent by Warwickshire County Council and a newsletter giving regular updates were considered evidence of showing the local community respect. Deliveries are taken out of school hours to minimise disruption to traffic at peak times. The company workforce uses local accommodation, supporting the local economy.
  • Protect the environment (Very good): Among the issues highlighted were the noise and vibration surveys carried out during piling works. Audits are carried out every two months with the site’s on site environmental inspectors. An ecology survey showed no issues; some trees were felled and the logs were given out locally and excess wood given to a community wood recycling scheme.
  • Securing Safety (Very good): GRAHAM’s Health and Safety officer visits fortnightly with the site scoring over 90%. The site has inspection with fencing and boundary checks every day. There is a day time guard and CCTV footage is collated after 6pm.
  • Valuing the workforce (Very good): GRAHAM was said to promote a harmonious workforce with displays of details of fair treatment, inclusion and respect.

There is a good level of health and wellbeing information. The company promotes work placements during the summer with two graduate engineers on site.
A second audit is to be conducted to go through the same series of checks and to re-visit the actions highlighted in the initial report.